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What is a an illuminated sign face?


illuminated sign face

If If you are in the market for illuminated signs you will find that you have a lot of choices.  Channel, letters, light boxes, pylon and push thru are just a few names you may run across.

Each type serves a purpose and like all things in life,  prices will vary greatly.  The most common and least expensive form of lighted sign is the sign can or light box as is more commonly known.

This type of illuminated sign is everywhere you look. Typically, it is a simple aluminum box with lights in it.  Today, most new light boxes are lit with LEDs because of the significantly lower costs associated with running them when compared to flourescent tubes.

The sign face is the front of the sign that your advertising is attached to. They are typcially made from either acrylic or Lexan. and then a translucent vinyl is applied to the face.  This allows the light to shine through at night while still keeping an eye catching design during the day.

The C-Lovers sign above was a refacing of an existing sign box. For this project we used Lexan for durability and overlayed the blue onto a translucent yellow vinyl.

One word of caution if you are considering refacing an existing illuminated sign face.  I have seen a number on incidences where cheap non-translucent vinyl was used.  No doubt the purchaser saved a few dollars but at night none of the colours will stand out.

If you are considering getting your sign refaced or purchasing a new illuminated sign, give us a call @ (604) 200-5519.

Impact! Sign and Graphics is a full service sign company serving Vancouver and the lower mainland. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


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Impact! Sign and Graphics is a full service sign company serving Vancouver and the lower mainland. We specialize in wide format printing including vehicle and window graphics as well as development and other exterior signs.