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Vancouver Signs l Top 5 Fleet Wrap Installation Mistakes


Trying to figure out how much you should pay for a quality product can be difficult to calculate.  I remember shopping for a trailer a few years ago and having just that problem.  I was prepared to pay a premium for a quality product but not a single salesman could explain why their product was worth more than their competitors.  In the end I chose the less expensive product. 

Vancouver Signs l Window signs on a Vegas scale


I have long expressed my belief that window signs are a great investment for many businesses especially those with a retail presence.

Vancouver Signs l Helicopter Decals Rock


I have always loved aircraft.  It may be that I associate them with holidays or adventurous pilots flying beavers and buffalos up our rugged coast.  Either way, I have to admit I was particularly happy when I got a call from Heliproducts in Pitt Meadows   asking us to put pin striping on a client's helicopter.

Fleet Wraps l It's Vegas Baby


We spent the weekend in Vegas at the Signworld annual convention.  While I went to stay abreast of recent changes to our industry, what really caught my attention was the use of signage.

Vancouver Signs l Top 5 ways to create outstanding window graphics


Window graphics are one of the fastest growing ways of business marketing.  When well designed well they can drive a lot of traffic through your doors. 

Vancouver Signs l 8 ways to proofread your custom business sign


As a sign company, we create proofs so that we can make certain that no errors make their way through to your custom business sign.  While we do our best to make sure we get everything just the way you want it, the proof is our way of making sure you get to see the final product before it's manufactured.

Box Truck Wraps l 12 steps to wrapping a box truck


Getting your fleet wrap underway isn't for the faint of heart.  We often get calls from people who are having problems because of an improper installation. 

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