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Why choose a Sign Company over a sign shop?

sign company

Here's a question for you.  Why choose a sign company over a sign shop?  


Vancouver Signs l Advertising Agency Signage

building banner

Advertising agencies do a great job of helping clients build their brand. Brand consistency is critical and choosing where to spend marketing dollars is tougher than ever.

Vancouver Signs l 5 Tips for designing custom business signs

describe the image

A poorly designed sign can be worse than having no sign whatsoever.  At best they are ineffective and at worst make your business seem unprofessional.  These illustrations are more typcial of exterior signs but the rules apply to any application.

Vancouver Signs l How long does it take to get my lobby sign?

dimensional lettering

Lobby signs range from simple dimensional lettering to more complex signs with standoffs or even electrical signs.

Vancouver Signs l 5 Tips for choosing dimensional letters


Choosing dimensional lettering seems like pretty straight forward decision. The reality is that one wrong choice can leave your clients with the wrong impression. Here are 5 things to consider before making a decision.

Vancouver Signs l What difference can one letter make?


Attention to detail is a must in the sign industry but unfortunately it's not a skill that everyone possesses.  Sometimes the mistakes are small but what happens when it's on a billboard?

Vancouver Signs l Wide format printing unmasked


Have you ever purchased a sign or some type of printing and been surprised when the colour didn't match your expectations?  For years the standard for choosing colour has been in the Pantone matching system.  Pantone 193 should be the same whether in Vancouver, Toronto or Halifax.  

Vancouver Signs l A picture is worth a thousand words

Under the microscope

We get a lot of calls from people looking for a price on their sign project.  They are correctly trying to make sure they get a fair price but unfortunately not everyone uses the same quality materials, design or installation.  The lowest price is often not the best choice particularly when it comes to vehicle signage.

Vancouver Signs l Why you should care about colour managment

Colour Managment

A good friend of mine, Steve Gustavason from Sign Solutions HD of Ponderay Idaho wrote an article on his blog recently called “What is Color Management?”  He writes “Color management is a defined procedure for maintaining consistent, predictable colors from scanning to proofing to final print.”


Vancouver Signs l When your digital signage seems possessed!


I ran into something recently that digital signage companies should be aware of.  There is a small device on the market which is a univeral remote designed to control most tv makes. This means it may be able to turn off your digital signage.

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