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Vancouver Signs l Get yourself a great lobby sign

lobby sign

Vinyl letters are one of the most common forms of interior business signage.  They offer a inexpensive yet very flexible way of sharing your business' message.  If you are looking for something a little more elegant but still want to keep an eye on your budget consider a brushed aluminum finish mounted on a glass panel.


Vancouver Signs l Are you looking to be taken care of?


You might be surprised when you first speak with my company.  It's likely you will be asked " are you shopping for price or are you looking to be taken care of? "


Vancouver Signs l Business Signage that will drive you up the wall

wall graphics

Do you have a business that relies on ambiance for its success?  If you own a car repair business, chances are that you're probably not too worried about asthetics.  If however you own a restaurant your customers are probably looking for an experience not just a meal.


Vancouver Signs l Symbols for Architectural Signage

architectural signage

If you have ever been tasked with finding out what type of graphic should be used for public signage systems, I can put your mind at ease.   

Vancouver Signs l Post and Panel Custom Signage

post and panel sign

Post and panel signs are one of the oldest forms of exterior signage.  So why have they been so enduring when there are so many other choices? 


Vancouver Signs l Banners for all sizes and all occassions.

banner stand

Banners  are are a great way to present a professional image for your business.  Whether you attend trade shows or make presentations to corporate clients,  banners are one the the most common ways to get your message across.

Vancouver Signs l Development Signage

development signage

While the news from the US real estate market remains bleak, Canadians have been far more fortunate.  Housing prices and sales have approached an in some cases exceeded the pre-recession highs.

Beyond Vehicle Graphics - explore the new frontier


It wasn't that long ago that autowraps and rear window graphics were considered the leading edge of digital signage.  How times have changed!  Today the possibilities for promotion are virtually endless.

Vancouver Signs - Teardrop Banners

banners and signs

Banners are everywhere these days so how do you get your banners and signs noticed?  Consider using a teardrop banner.  Their unique shape and vibrant colours allow them to stand out in a challenging environment.  The teardrop shape allows for larger graphics than traditional banners and can be used for both temporary or permanent business signage.

Vancouver Signs l Why choose a quality signage company?

business signage

The internet has profoundly changed the way we do many things but perhaps the greatest change has been in the way we research our purchases.


Business Signage - Branding your new business

impact sign and graphics

You've finally taken the big plunge!  Congratulations you are now a small business owner.  For most new businesses, the first few years are an exciting time when enthusiasm is high and cash flow is low.

Vancouver Signs l Truck Wraps - A revenue generation idea

truck wrap

I had a discussion recently with a gentleman in the trucking business. He said that he had lots of trucks with great big blank sides.  Being an entrepreneur he said he felt it was a shame that all those rollling billboards remained blank. After all, many businesses have realized the value of autowraps.

Vancouver Signs l Custom Signage - Lobby Signs

lobby signage

Lobby signs are often the first business signage your clients see when they enter your office. This interior signage is a great way to showcase your corporate logo and can create a positive first impression.  This may used in conjunction with way finding signage.

Truck Wraps - The Navigata Story

truck wrap

Navigata Communications is a telecommunications company that has been in business for more than 50 years and has a  network that stretches from coast to coast.

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