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Vancouver Signs l Static cling decals come to town


One of the most amazing things about the sign industry is the variety of different materials that are used to make every day signs.  Everything from print vinyls for vehicle wraps to plywood and everything in between.


Vancouver Signs l Wrap your car with style

truck wrap

Design is always a large consideration when purchasing vehicle graphics.  Your vehicle is the face of your business and will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people every year. 

Vancouver Signs l A picture is worth a thousand words

Under the microscope

We get a lot of calls from people looking for a price on their sign project.  They are correctly trying to make sure they get a fair price but unfortunately not everyone uses the same quality materials, design or installation.  The lowest price is often not the best choice particularly when it comes to vehicle signage.

Vancouver Signs l Rear window graphics take the forefront

rear window graphics

When someone tells me they're on a budget but want to advertise their business on their car I will virtually always suggest rear window graphics.

Vancouver Signs l Foam letters as an affordable alternative

lobby signs austin texas, foam letters signs, austin tx logo signs, 3d letters

Dimensional letters are one of the most customizable forms of business signage available.  They are used for everything from lobby signs to exterior signage.

Tradeshow displays - How to minimize unitended problems

tradeshow booth

Putting together a tradeshow booth is a hectic, complicated event and chances are high that something will go wrong.  If you're lucky it will be  a small problem but  in the event of a more serious problem, preparation will help reduce the chance of a catastrophic event.

Vehicle wraps l How do you determine success?

truck wrap

One of the basic rules of business is the ability to determine the return on your investment.  If I invest in new machinery, will it earn me more money and if so how much?

Vancouver Signs l Why you should care about colour managment

Colour Managment

A good friend of mine, Steve Gustavason from Sign Solutions HD of Ponderay Idaho wrote an article on his blog recently called “What is Color Management?”  He writes “Color management is a defined procedure for maintaining consistent, predictable colors from scanning to proofing to final print.”

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