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Outdoor Sign Letters Vancouver

outdoor sign lettering

If you are considering your alternatives for an exterior business sign, there are 3 different classes of signs you need to consider. 

Great Vinyl Lettering Needn't be an Oxmoron

Vehicle graphics

Vinyl lettering has developed a bad rep.  That's too bad because done well it can be both effective and budget friendly.

When should I order my illuminated signs?

lit sign

All too often, I speak with a client and I see a look of disbelief.  They've just found out it will take 5-8 weeks to get a lighted sign for their building.  Their last wooden sign was ordered and installed in two weeks.  Why is an lighted sign so different?


Vancouver Custom Signs - Renewing Your Monument Sign

monument sign

By definition, a monument sign is a freestanding exterior sign- whose bottom is permanently attached to the ground. As the name suggests it is often a monument to the business or organization it represents. If you have a monument sign, every customer or prospect that comes into your business passes it, not to mention the thousands that may drive by it every day.


Rear Window Graphics are a Great Way to Spread the Word

rear window graphics

The advent of large format digital printing has greatly broadened the available choices for vehicle graphics.  10 years ago, the only choice available was simple vinyl lettering.  If you happened on a good graphic artist you might get a good logo to go along with your lettering.

Vehicle Wrap Design in 5 Easy Steps

car wrap

Sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due.  In this case, an article published by a colleague at Sunrise Signs in Philadelphia is simply the best description on how to design a vehicle wrap I have seen in years.

How to Pick a Vancouver Sign Company

Signage Company

If you have purchased signs in the past and had a bad experience or if this your first time choosing a signage company, there are a number of things you need to consider.


Great Truck Lettering Shouldn't Be Difficult


Most businesses that have trucks understand the value of using their vehicles for advertising. Truck lettering is the most common and most cost effective method used.

5 Rules for Outstanding Tradeshow Displays

Tradeshow booth

I attended my local homeshow on the weekend and witnessed dozens of earnest business people trying to promote their businesses.  Some of the exhibitors were overrun with prospects while others were doing their portrayal of the Maytag repairman.

5 Tips for Phenomenal Business Signs

Sign visibility chart

In my last blog I raised questions about what makes a good business sign and promised to provide a set of guidelines.  I've included an excerpt from an article that is available from my homepage.  

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