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Vancouver Signs I A how to for a monument sign

Monument Sign

I'm not an engineer so I try and keep my posts from being overly technical.  As a matter of fact that's why I hired a great signmaker and focussed on the marketing of the business.


Vancouver Signs l Lighted Signs for a Special Place

Illuminated Sign

Julien Grenier Salon & Aesthetics offers a range of hair and body services. Their diverse and highly qualified team of technicians, stylists and aestheticians bring you the best in knowledge
and service in the business.

Vancouver Signs l Golf Tournament Signage

golf course

Have you played in a golf tournament recently?


Vancouver Signs - Maximize your autowrap exposure.

truck wrap

So you took the step and had your vehicle or fleet of vehicles wrapped.  How do you maximize the investment you made in your vehicle wraps? Here are 5 easy, effective ways to maximize your miles and drive up sales:

Vancouver Signs l Lobby Signs - Making the right choices

austin signs, lobby signs austin, logo signs  austin, corportate identity signs austin, custom signs austin

Lobby signs can really help to build the image of your business and arguably the most important form of indoor signage  from a branding perspective.  They typically include a company logo and the name of the company in letters.   Most lobby signs involve transforming your corporate identity into an eyecatching sign.   Several choices come into play.

Vancouver Signs l Tradeshow displays - Know your audience

tradeshow display

There's lots to consider when designing an effective tradeshow display. I came across an article with a couple of good points to consider when designing your tradeshow booth.  

Vancouver signs l Watch a vehicle get wrapped!


Autowraps also known as vehicle wraps have emerged as one of the fastest growing areas of business signage in recent years. The appeal lies in the fact that your company's name gets out just by driving around!  

Vancouver Signs l Directory signs get us there!

directory sign

Directory signs help us navigate through buildings,  large and small. Can you imagine trying to find your way through a 30 story building without a reliable directory.

Vancouver Signs l Branding like the pros using vehicle wraps

trailer wrap

So you don't have the advertising budget of Coca Cola, Home Depot or Roger's.  This doesn't mean you can't learn from their marketing efforts.

Vehicle Wraps l Matte black is where its at!


The first time I saw an autowrap in matte black vehicle I was in LA a few years ago.  I have to admit that at the time I really wondered why anyone would cover the beautiful paint of a Ferrari.

Vancouver Signs l When your digital signage seems possessed!


I ran into something recently that digital signage companies should be aware of.  There is a small device on the market which is a univeral remote designed to control most tv makes. This means it may be able to turn off your digital signage.

Vancouver Signs l Save yourself from a lousy vehicle wrap


When you spend good money on a vehicle wrap you want to promote your company's good image.  Unfortunately not everyone has the same dedication to quality that you do so please look for these signs before signing off on your vehicle wrap.

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