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truck-graphicBusinesses have recognized the importance of truck graphics for as long as there have been trucks.   For years your only choice in truck graphics was paint.  The advent of vinyl lettering made advertising on your truck much easier and less expensive.

The advent of advanced materials and our state of the art wide format digital printing equipment has revolutionized what customers



Why Should You Use Truck Graphics?

There are lots of reasons to use truck graphics but in the end the only one that matters is that they work.  Whether you you have vinyl lettering of a full wrap truck graphics get your business noticed.  While the statistics refer to vehicle wraps they give you an idea of the impact of truck graphics in general.

Drivers notice vehicle wraps 80-90% of the time or that an actively used wrap can create 50,000 impressions per day?

Vehicle wraps offer the least expensive form of advertising.  As a matter of fact with a 3-5 year lifespan, vehicle wraps only cost a fraction of a cent per impression.  Compare that to newspapers or the yellow pages.

Truck graphics will last for years and when kept for 3-5 years, the cost per month can be as little as your daily coffee.  Most people don't realize how affordable truck graphics really are.  I can tell your from personal experience that they will attract customers to your business.

Types of Truck Graphics

Full Wrapsfull-wrap

There are two main types of car wraps and they are defined by the amount of the vehicle that is covered.  A full wrap typically covers the entire car with the exception of the hood.  A special high quality vehicle wrap vinyl is used with a matching laminate that will conform to every nook and cranny on your vehicle.




Partial Wraps

partial truck wrapA partial wrap simply means that only a portion of the vehicle is covered in wrap material.  In many cases partial wraps are combined with vinyl lettering as in the Freybe truck to the left.

The advantage of combining a partial truck wrap with vinyl lettering is that you get much of the appearance of a full truck wrap but at a greatly reduced price.




truck lettering


Truck Lettering

Vinyl lettering is the most cost effective form of truck graphics.  This doesn't that they can't look good though.  With today's computer technology we can create eyecatching designs that will advertise your business but not break the bank.

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Why choose Impact! Sign and Graphics for your Car Wrap?

We spend the time to make sure you have the right design, materials and installers to help you choose the best vehicle wrap for your business.  We also make sure you get a sign that fits your budget not ours.  If you would like to learn more about lobby signs give us a call @ (604) 200-5519.



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