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Table Top Display

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Pop-up Display





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Tradeshow Booth

Trade show booths come in many shapes and sizes.  The only real limitation is financial. Typically they fall into one of the following categories.

Tabletop displays

Typically, a small collapsible display designed to sit on a table.  They  fold up into a small case and are easily constructed. Tabletop displays are a great choice for businesses whose marketing budgets are limited.

Pipe and Drape

These backdrops are comprised of a metal frame with some type of fabric draped over them to form the back and sides of a trade show booth.  They are provided by the show contractor and are not customizable.  They are essentially a large drape designed to separate you from fellow exhibitors.

Pop-up Displays 

Pop-up displays are larger, portable displays that are typically curved and form the backdrop for the booth.  They are usually covered with fabric which then has a graphic attached with velcro. 

Like tabletop displays, they are lightweight and fold up so they are easily transported. Pop-up displays offer a very professional image and are within the budget of all but the smallest businesses.

Modular Exhibits

These exhibits are akin to lego. They are modular in nature and can be assembled to meet any design need. Unlike the other displays discussed, modular exhibits are typically used only by larger companies due to their greater expense.

Also, modular exhibits are the display rather than just being a backdrop. Show goers actually walk into this type of display.

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