The Essential Guide to Lobby Signs

lobby signLobby signs are often the first impression your clients get of your business. They say you only have one chance to make a first impression so it really is important to find a lobby sign that creates the image you want your clients to see.

Can you imagine sitting in the lobby of a respected law firm and noticing that their lobby sign looks old and dated?  What type of image has that created with their client?  Choosing a style that matches your business is where Impact! Sign and Graphics can help.


 Types of Lobby Signs

Lobby signs come in many shapes and sizes and materials. Choosing the right material for your sign is an important part of getting it right.

High Density Foamdescribe the image

HDF is the least expensive material available for lobby signs but also the most ccommon.  It is lightweight and easy to install and has a long life with a minimum of maintenance.  it comes in a variety of thicknesses  but can only be painted with a matte finish.

HDF is also available with brushed or polished laminates to give a more sophisticant appearance.  Finished include brushed aluminum, stainless, Gold,copper and bronze.  The laminates do not impact the durability or lightweight nature of the product.


Ultra plus is a variant of HDF.  It is HDF sandwiched between 2 layers of of PVC.  This offers 2 advantages over tradtional HDF.  Firstly it will accept a gloss finish which for many lobby signs can make quite a difference.  Secondly, it is less sensitive to damage which makes it more suitable for areas that are within reach of people.



Acrylic lobby signs have a smother, richer appearance than the other types of materials discussed so far.  They can accommodate far smaller letters than foam and are very difficult to dames.  Thicknesses range from 1/8" to 1".  It is often used when clients want their lobby sign to be set off the wall using standoffs as in the picture to the right.

Like the HDF products laminated faces are available to create the impression of copper or aluminum but a significantly lower price.



There isn't much that needs to be said about aluminum.  If you want the best and are prepared to pay the price aluminum is a great material for creating lobby signs.  Thicknesses range from .063" to 1/2".  Aluminum can be painted to match any pantone colour so it is very effective for matching corporate branding.  Like acrylic signs it is available with standoffs so the sign can be set away from the wall.


Glass signs can create a very unique lobby sign.  Available in thickness anywhere from1/4" to 1/2" these lobby signs are designed to be set off the wall with standoffs as shown to the right.

The use of sandblasting or etching is another option if you are looking for someting a little unique.

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Why use Impact! Sign and Graphics to build your lobby sign?

We spend the time to make sure you have the right design, materials and installers to get the right lobby sign for your business.  We also make sure you get a sign that fits your budget not ours.  If you would like to learn more about lobby signs give us a call @ (604) 200-5519.



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