Increase your business with a window sign

window signWindow signs offer a large, free space to advertise to prospective clients.  Where else do you have the equivalent of a billboard that you can use at no charge.

Retail business have used window graphics for years but today we see many professional business such as medical and dental clinics recognizing the potential window signs have to offer.



 Types of Window Signs

Window signs come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Choosing the right material for your sign is an important part of getting it right.

Standard Vinylvinyl window

This is what people traditionally think of when they think of window graphics. These window signs are made from pre-coloured vinyl which is cut to the letters and shapes on our windows.  It is inexpensive to make and easy to apply and will last for years. If fact it is exactly the same product we use on vehicles.


Digital Print

window-vinyl Our wideformat digital printers take window signs to the next level.  Digitally printed vinyl allows you to create beautiful, eye catching images.  When matched with a quality laminate, digitally printed signs will look great for years.

The primary drawback for this type of window sign is that does not allow any light through.  In the picture to the left a creative use of the top and bottom areas of the windows was designed to deal with this problem.  If however, light is an issue, you may want to consider other materials that will let the light through.


Perforated Vinyl Windowsperforated window sign

The advent of perforated vinyl or window perf as it is know in the industry opened up a whole new opportunity for those wanting to window signs but are concerned about blocking out the light.  Window perf is a vinyl that has thousands of very small holes to allow the light through (hence the name "perf").  To those on the inside it looks like a strong tint however to those on the outside  it appears like a solid image.

We use a high quality optically clear laminate to ensure that your window sign looks great for years.

Frosted Windows

You may not notice them but frostedfrosted window graphic window graphics are everywhere. When properly designed they not only create an elegant image but also offer a significant amount of privacy.  Frosted window graphics are created by apply a frosted vinyl to either the interior or exterior of the window. 

The material is translucent so it allows light through but when used as a solid piece it offers complete privacy.  The only drawback is that it is a more delicate material than some of the other options and can be more readily damaged than other types of vinyls.



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Why use Impact! Sign and Graphics to create your window sign?

We spend the time to make sure you have the right design, materials and installers to get the right window sign for your business.  We also make sure you get a sign that fits your budget not ours.  If you would like to learn more about window signs give us a call @ (604) 200-5519.



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